With unfurled sails that caught the wind,
they ventured toward the distant shore.
And, upon that place where land begins,
they set out to explore.

Passing through undiscovered country,
places yet to have a name,
they stumbled upon still unconquered nature,
remaining to be tamed.

And so, with flags in hand and maps drawn out,
they partitioned this virgin Earth,
staking claim to the untarnished land,
so foreign from their place of birth.

And back across the endless sea,
in palaces of gold,
were told the royalty of old,
of this new world to behold.

“It is not enough!” the King decreed,
his envious face turned toward a frown,
“to be satisfied with what we have!
We need this land now for the crown!”

And so set forth no more explorers,
but settlers, prepared,
to convert this formerly pristine place,
into one more suited for human affairs.

So down went forests, dammed were rivers,
Up went the town and farm and city,
That unconquered nature, that undiscovered country,
Lost forever now to history.