If there is a single thing I’ve learned through studying history,
It is that no human being has achieved infallibility.
Regardless of their genius, all of history’s greats,
Have at some point or another committed huge mistakes.

How many visions of utopia, how many major dreams,
Have fallen by the wayside or fallen through the seams?
They were all achievable, had we been prepared,
But at some point or another, someone must’ve erred.

How many great cultures have crumbled into dust?
How many great nations have seen their gains go bust?
Part of it is surely nature, part of it is surely fate,
But surely part of it was abetted by mistakes.

These lapses in judgement and these misguided calculations,
Have led to some decisions that now define civilization.
How different our world would be if, the future being at stake,
Some leader or another had not made costly mistakes?