Wanders, Journeymen, Adventurers, so brave
Who slaved away at the sails and fought the ocean waves.
They knew the risks, but yet they craved
The chance to move along.
To the horizon they set their course
To see what lay beyond.

Wanderers, Journeymen, Adventures, so daring.
They trekked across the unknown land
only stop to take their bearings.
The goings tough, the journey hard, but never they felt dread.
For instead they craved to know
What laid beyond the lands ahead.

Wanderers, Journeymen, Adventurers, so proud.
You searched the Earth high and low to know beyond her shroud.
You eventually took to the sky, and everything was seen.
The day arrived, you were deprived
Of knowledge to be gleaned.

Wanderers, Journeymen, Adventures, what now?
The world is all explored, to the best we can allow.
The answer lay beyond the sky, into the cosmic shore.
Into space, oh journeymen, lets explore once more!