The rays of morning sunshine, which gleam into my room,
Arouse me from my slumber by their brightly golden hue.
How magical it truly is: I’m made to start my day,
By a burning ball of plasma 92,960,000 miles away.

Into my car I step, my modern-era carriage,
To whisk me off to work upon an asphalt-pathed passage.
How magical it truly is: I’m quickly set in motion,
By the power of an engine running off controlled explosions.

Into my computer, I type all my credentials,
To access a working space that has all the essentials.
How magical it truly is: the breadth of human info,
Is relayed upon my screen by a bunch of ones and zeros.

These are just examples of some knowledge I’ve discovered,
That the world functions on principles waiting to be uncovered.
How magical and wonderful this world can truly be,
when you understand its workings and intense complexity.