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My name is Cody Knipfer.

I am an artist, a photographer, a music producer, and a proud space nerd beginning a career in space policy.

This blog is the collection of my thoughts, ramblings, writings, schoolwork, publications and reports. It is, in many ways, my online diary – a testimony to who I am, a record of how my views and perspectives have grown and changed. My interests, as my blog posts reveal, are diverse and varied – though I most routinely write about topics involving outer space, international relations, and philosophy.

I’m currently employed at PoliSpace, a D.C.-based space policy consultancy, where I focus my energy on creating and carrying out legislative and policy strategies for companies in the commercial space industry. Prior, I interned with the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, the trade association representing the United States’ private space companies.

I graduated from McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, where I majored in Political Science and International Relations with a specialized focus on outer space history, affairs, and policy. I’m now beginning my Masters studies in Space Policy at George Washington University’s Space Policy Institute.


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Phone Number410-300-3336


Knipfer, C. (2017, March 27). To Guarantee American Space Leadership, NASA Must Partner with Private Industry.

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Knipfer, C. (2016, April 25). Of India and ICBMs: Two Current Concerns for American Small-Satellite Launch.

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Articles About Me:

(2015, Summer). Minds on the Middle East. The Hill Magazine, pp. 5.

Krishana, D. (2014, November 6). McDaniel students help demystify the Muslim world at international conference.

(2014, March 12). Middle East Messenger.

(2013, November 21). Political Science students earn honors at mock international policymaking competitions.

(2013, October 15). Junior Political Science major’s career explorations not limited to Earth.

Selected Appearances:

(2016, November 5). Panelist, Space Policy and International Partnerships, SEDS SpaceVision 2016.

(2016, June 22). #97: Space Regulation.

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  1. Elizabeth Coates

    I stumbled upon your blog today while searching for The Pursuit of Knowledge in Mary Shelley’ “Frankenstein”. I would just like to express my fondness of the blog, and subsequently, of you. Please continue to run this blog as you do. Its diversity in topics and creative point of view is such a fresh breath of air in comparison to the work of many young bloggers.
    Thank you for your ideas.

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